Tanzania 2011

Tanzania 2011

What an adventure – 12 young people from Durham and Bristol took up the challenge to spend their time raising money and preparing a project on behalf of others. The experience took them to new heights and brought them face to face with new challenges. They successfully renovated the maternity ward of Kilimatinde hospital in rural Tanzania during a 2 week trip in July 2011. Take a look at their videos to understand more of what they achieved. You can support the hospital through the Kilimatinde Trust.


Here is an example of one of their stories...

Adam is a person who is 20 and has lived in a deprived area of his home town all his life with his family. He is a person with a history of run ins with the police and on-going feud with his neighbours. Before the preparation weekend Adam had never been out of his home town in his life. During the weekend he had to take time out to go to MacDonalds because he couldn’t take it anymore. He is a person who put effort into fundraising including shaving his legs along with the rest of his football team! Adam is a person who faced a 9 hr flight, dodgy boats to a beach, strange food, long drop toilets, bucket showers and 10hr bus journeys. Adam is the most stubborn young person I have ever met. He is also the person who stood up in the middle of a 1000-strong church service to dance with the choir. He is the person who broke down 3 days in saying he couldn’t handle it. He is the person who fell in love with the Tanzania people and their welcome and joy. He is the person who worked really hard to get their project complete. He is the person who spotted the lion when 3 safari guides missed it. He is a person who has come home saying he has been on the strangest but greatest trip of his life and now says ‘I’m disappointed to be back home. I wanna be back in Africa because it was brilliant, a once in a lifetime opportunity’.

Durham YFC are now spending time working on developing a framework for others to use to inform trips with young people who are at risk. Do get in touch if this is of interest to you.



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