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DYFC Special Announcement

In these difficult economic times accessing funding streams for charities has become increasingly difficult. This has been no different for DYFC. Over the last 12 months we have sent out numerous funding applications to various trusts and funding bodies, and sought to increase funding from local sources. While he has been successful in gaining some awards, specifically supporting specific projects, unfortunately key funding streams to support the ongoing management costs of DYFC as a whole have not been forthcoming. 


This has meant with current funds available to DYFC there is only enough money to support the project costs, including salaries, to see us at a stretch, to the end of the year.

Finance has also impacted staffing levels, as youth work staff have left there has not been the resources to replace them. There has also been a reduction in the number of volunteers, obviously this has put extra demands on James and the team and this has impacted their ability to maintain the current level of youth provision to the same consistency as it was previously.


The trustees feel that DYFC cannot function effectively by constantly relying on funds to come in to maintain the work maybe for 6 months at a time, without any guarantees that the funding will come through. This ‘hand to mouth’ approach means there is no room for development of youth work provision, long term strategy or vision which is very frustrating for everyone.


Therefore, it is with deep regret the trustees have made the decision, which has not been contested by the members or the general public, to set in motion processes to dissolve the charity. This may take some time, though it is anticipated that the administrative aspects of this dissolution are completed by 1st September 2017 or as soon after.


As far as the operation activities of DYFC are concerned, these will cease before 1st August 2017, however on a positive note it is anticipated the work that DYFC has started and pioneered over the last few years will continue with other local charities and churches to ensure that young people still receive support, guidance and opportunities to opt in to the Christian faith.


We would kindly ask all of our regular donors, or church congregations who make regular donors to DYFC to ensure that these gifts and donations cease during July, if you have been kind enough to maintain these donations until now.  We will ensure that any funding will be donated to the ongoing work of our projects, and if you would like to continue to donate to the ongoing work of mentoring, detached or the village based work with young people please do contact us to do so in order that you can be given new bank account details to support professional youth work in the local area.


Thank you for your support and continued prayers for the staff and volunteers of DYFC at this time.


Yours Sincerely



Darryn Hook


Durham Youth for Christ


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